Tanticani 7

Tanticani Comic #7

Next Tanticani – May 1st.

Previous Tanticani

First Tanticani

Been experimenting with art styles. I think this needs some tweaking and I may update this image with a few adjustments, but I like the direction it is taking. Actual #8 will be back to the usual, but who knows what #9 will look like? Not me, since it hasn’t been drawn yet. We shall see.

Endless Summer

I showed the fabulous Edmond Von Bagel how to make a GIF, and this is the first one he made:

Endless Summer animated GIF by Edmond Von Bagel

Norman’s Nose

Norman's Nose GIF

Took a little break from Obsessentanglemesh to make this goofy little GIF.

Obessentanglemesh Online

Going on now: CLICK HERE yay


I don’t know exactly how this thing is gonna work yet, but I’m gonna make it happen. I want to show my latest work, and I’m not gonna let logistics and roadblocks stop me.

There WILL be a fresh batch of original art newly-posted online.

There WILL be originals for sale.

There WILL be prints for sale.

There WILL be limited-time offers. Probably lasting a couple days so everyone can get a chance at them.

There CAN be wine, if you bring it over to your computer.

There CAN, for that matter, be Rum or Cake or Cider or StirFry or Weed, if you bring it over to your computer.

There will NOT be expensive frames.

There will NOT be a location outside of “a screen near you.” Unless you know me well enough to come over to my place.

There COULD be a live video feed. Maybe.

I don’t know the details yet. I’m gonna figure this out as I go. I hope you’ll commit to join me online for this AS-YET nebulous event!